Founded by two childhood friends who formed a tight-knit bond over some great waves and good times, the Hydromancy Ericeira was created due to a love of handmade surf crafts, a strong wave-riding culture, and skilled artisans that deserved to have their work shared with the world.


Premium Glassing – At Hydromancy we aim for excellence in every process and board. We focus our efforts on building high-end premium boards of any type, using a wide range of technologies, including colored resins, lap loops, and edge-pressed glass. Ultimately, our goal is that the boards that we build in Hydromancy are among some of the world’s best.

Shaping Workshops – Shape your own board whether you want expert guidance in a workshop or just to have a go yourself – we’ve got you covered.

Board Rentals – Wanna try your board before ordering? Are you curious about any given shape or board type? We offer a rental service where you can ride and try some of our best designs.