At the beginning of my board making path, I felt the urge to systemize and catalogue what I did in the most usual and conventional ways.

It came from the natural need to reach out and be understood, to help the next client know how to get what he needed faster and to categorize what was being created. We can all know now, marketing savvy people, that that is also a way of creating a need, a possible rise in demand for a product, a marketers black magic… still to this day I keep getting asked to show a “line-up”, to flash my stuff in ways that are easier to digest.

My response to this is categorical and unapologetic, I can do everything you can imagine, such as the magic of handshaping. It doesn’t mean I m your cheaper/faster/nicer option to get somebody else’s models or, that I m here to shape what you imagine it could work but you don’t really know how to do it. It means that I can entertain formalistically and conceptually the models you crave and its inherent functions and still maintain my own authority/authorship. It means you should only get a board done by me if you identify yourself with what I propose… and what I want and yearn out of my craft is to combine pure performance with spirituality…my purpose is allowing art to embrace craft… and it happens when movement dances with enlightenment…when soul roar through existence!

The Craftsman

Unlimited possibilities are not suited to man;

if they existed, his life would only dissolve in the boundless.

To become strong a man’s life needs the limitations ordained

by duty and voluntarily accepted.

Gustavo Costa